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wool silk custom rugs for living room
wool silk custom rugs for living room

A wool silk rug is a blend of two types of different yarn one is wool and the other silk. Wool is usually used as a base for the rug because of its strong and durable properties. The wool is combined with silk to create lustrous designs. This blend makes beautiful and luxurious rugs that enhance your living space.

Points to consider when getting wool-silk custom rugs for the living room:

  • Durability- Being wool natural and used in the base of the rug it is durable since wool is tough, absorbent, and can handle heavy foot traffic. The silk combination makes the rug look very royal and the look lasts for a very long period. Since the living room is a space that is most used in the house you will need a durable rug for it Wool silk custom rugs for the living room are therefore a more sensible choice.
wool silk custom rugs for living room

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  • Appearance- silk is a shiny and soft material that makes the rug appear beautifully. Wool can be dyed with any color and silk is sought after for its beauty. Together the material is very pleasing and can be made into many intricate and unique designs. It elevates a plain space and fills it up.
  • Feel- The wool silk fabric is very soft and thick to touch therefore it feels comfortable to stand/walk on. It provides a luxurious and comfortable feel. These carpets make the living room space more lively and can beautify the space with its feel and look
  • Cost- since silk is more difficult to source and is made with intricacy it is expensive. Therefore, its addition to the wool adds to the expense. This blend has a lot of qualities to offer and lands in the luxurious category as well which is why the cost is a little on the pricey side. If you consider the qualities it has to offer you are getting a great deal for the price. You need to make a one-time investment that will go a long way, and you sure won’t regret it.
  • Care – This fabric blend does not require much looking after. You can vacuum it from time to time to keep it looking clean and fresh. It is recommended that if it get very dirty and you are planning a wash get it done professionally to avoid any mishaps and maintain its longevity.

These wool & silk custom rugs for the living room are beautiful and enhance the beauty of your space. It can elevate the style of your living room and can make it look more luxurious giving it a high-end feel. The design, quality, and color variety that you can select from are huge. You can customize the silk to wool ratio depending on your preference, the color, and design patterns can also be customized as you like it.

Though a little on the costlier side it is worth buy because you get the most use out of it and can get it in custom shapes and sizes according to your living room.

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