Colour pom boxes reference system wool viscose

The Importance of a Colour Reference System for Interior Designers : Different range of Pom Pom boxes for custom rugs and carpets:

color poms for custom rugs
colour poms for custom rugs


In the realm of interior design, color is a powerful tool that can transform spaces, evoke emotions, and define aesthetics. For interior designers, achieving the perfect color scheme requires precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of how colors interact. A color reference system serves as an invaluable resource in this process, providing designers with the tools they need to bring their visions to life with accuracy and finesse.

The Essence of a Color Reference System:

A color reference system is a comprehensive guide that categorizes and organizes colors, allowing interior designers to make informed decisions about color palettes, combinations, and harmonies. It is essentially a designer’s compass, providing direction and clarity in the often intricate world of color selection.

1. Consistency in Communication:

A standardized color reference system ensures consistency in communication between designers, clients, and manufacturers. It eliminates ambiguity and allows everyone involved in a project to be on the same page when discussing specific colors, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and ensuring that the final result aligns with the designer’s vision.

2. Inspiration and Exploration:

A well-structured color reference system serves as a wellspring of inspiration for interior designers. It allows them to explore a vast spectrum of colors, shades, and tones, encouraging creativity and pushing the boundaries of conventional design. With the right reference system, designers can discover unexpected color combinations that breathe life into their projects.

3. Efficiency in Decision-Making:

Interior designers often face tight deadlines, and a color reference system streamlines the decision-making process. Instead of spending valuable time debating color options, designers can refer to a systematic guide that helps them quickly identify suitable colors based on the mood, purpose, and overall theme of a space.

4. Cultural and Psychological Considerations:

Colors carry cultural and psychological connotations that impact how individuals perceive a space. A robust color reference system takes these considerations into account, providing insights into the meanings and associations of different colors. This cultural and psychological awareness allows designers to make informed choices that resonate with the intended audience.

5. Integration with Technology:

Modern color reference systems often leverage technology to enhance their capabilities. Designers can use digital tools and applications that complement traditional color swatches, enabling them to visualize color schemes in a digital format. This integration of technology streamlines the design process and facilitates communication with clients and collaborators.

A must for any interior designer, architect, textile designer or even manufacturers of rugs and carpets is the POM POM box also known as Colour reference system. These are made in pom form for making a colour selection and deciding as to what colours will be used for making any design.

As a manufacturer of different styles of rugs and carpets, we understand how important this is to make any colour decision and communication of colour between 2 different persons.

The different range of colour pom boxes are :

A. 242 colour shades of wool:

The basic colour pom box used as colour reference system where one doesn’t have to move with very intensive colour shades but basically covering the major colours beings used in making the carpets and rugs.

wool colour pom box reference system
Basic 242 wool shades for colour matching of custom rugs

B. 320 shades in viscose:

Viscose has a tendency to shine high, and with different angle shows different colours, though the tone will be same the variation will be in colour look.

viscose colour pom boxes in 320 shades
basic range of viscose colour pom box

C. 600 Wool colour box:

If you wish to have some more colour options in wool for making a selection of colours for your custom rugs, you may go with our 600 wool shades, having some more shades and tones with a bit wider range than basis 242 wool shades.

wool pom box manufacturers in india

D. 600 Viscose colour pom box:

This box is made taking a few ranges of colours and detailing those. This was made for some specific client on their requirement. 600 different shades of colours in viscose with different tones.

VISCOSE silk pom box manufacturers india
Viscose colour pom boxes showing 600 shades

E. 1200 wool colour pom box:

This what we call complete range, if you have this that means you have almost all the colour tones in front of you. 1200 wide range of colours for making a selection.


wool colour pom box manufacturers
Wide range of colour pom box as a reference for making selection.

F. 1200 viscose silk colour pom box:

Same way like wool poms in the wider range this also has almost all colours. The best pom box to make any colour to be used as a reference.

Viscose pom box colour
best colours for custom viscose rugs


In the dynamic world of interior design, where creativity meets functionality, a color reference system serves as an indispensable guide for designers seeking to harness the transformative power of color. From fostering efficient communication to inspiring creative exploration and considering cultural nuances, a comprehensive color reference system empowers interior designers to navigate the intricacies of color selection with confidence and precision. As design trends evolve and client expectations rise, the importance of a well-established color reference system only grows, ensuring that every design project becomes a harmonious symphony of carefully curated colors.

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