Loose rugs for villas

Are you looking for Loose rugs for villas?

Loose Rug for Villa
Loose Rug for Villa

Villas have different areas where you need to place rugs and carpets. When we say rugs it means loose rugs and when we say carpet it means wall to wall. Here all these types are custom in sizes, designs, and colors.

The high-quality luxurious rugs are required for the different areas for the First Floor, Ground floor, etc.

Normally these are the areas where you need the loose rugs :

  1. His dressing
  2. Her dressing
  3. Master Bedroom
  4. Corridor
  5. Living Area
  6. Office Area
  7. Majlis

In most cases, the material being used is art silk/rayon/viscose/bamboo silk/tencel.

When we talk about the thickness its around 8-10mm, but in special cases can be 12mm, and very very special cases up to 16mm

These custom rugs or bespoke ones are of different sizes for different areas, can be of a cut shape, rectangular, oval or round too, most of the cases these are Extra Large rugs.

The important thing in these cases is not just making the rugs but delivering them safely to the client, here in extra-large ones pallets are required so that they don’t get damaged.

If you are looking for Luxury Loose Rug for your villa, you may contact the Rug company in India at info@surekasgroup.com or whats ap at +91-9839141651.

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