Custom Rug for Yacht & SuperYacht

Why Custom Rug for Yacht & SuperYacht?

custom rug for super yacht
custom rug for super yacht

The importance of a great rug is felt on a yacht the minute you step onto one. From stepping onto the silky textured rug as you wake up in the morning, to being captivated by the rug patterns leading up the stair case, everything contributes to defining the luxury and style of the entire yacht.  Adding a high end luxury carpet can make it more luxurious super yacht.

The majority of the Yacht owners like to go down the customization route, as it adds an element of originality for the end-user. Customization could be in terms of design, color scheme, texture, pattern, and so much more. For instance, your logo, may be the Yacht name, or adding the design that runs through the entire vessel. The ones who enjoy boating understand the importance of a beautiful yet comfortable rug. They enhance the aesthetic of the original beauty in a unique yet noticeable way.

 Advantages of a Custom Yacht Rug

Custom Rug for Yacht & SuperYacht
Custom Rug for Yacht & SuperYacht

While at our houses, a rug adds the beauty element, on a yacht rug or say carpet is more of a necessity to stay comfortable. Here is how:

  • A luxury rug considerably reduces the risk of slipping on damp floors. The texture of the carpet makes it easy to walk with boat shoes or barefoot by increasing the grip.
  • Placing the carpet appropriately is equally important to increase safety. While placing the carpet in various areas of the boat, ensure that the surface is evened out and there is no chance of carpet rolling.
  • Choosing custom luxury rugs adds to the safety and ensures high durability, since the materials are handpicked to best suit the environment.
  • Apart from the size of the space, which is mostly uneven, one must think before making a choice of fabric, as the boat has a considerably wet environment and different characteristics from that of a house.
  • A luxury custom rug reduces the chances of damage from air exposure and water from the sea because of the selection of quality raw materials and the manufacturing process that ensures the creation of a safe and durable rug.

What are the ideal custom rugs for Yacht or Superyacht? 

A rug on board the yacht is not only important for aesthetic and safety reasons, but they also increase the sound insulation of the below deck environment. Apart from ensuring excellent levels of resistance to sunlight and moisture, luxury custom yacht rugs also enable you to customize the design and style of the product. The patterns and colors of the carpet are open to customization by the customer. However, it is always better to go for patterns and colors that are capable of hiding the stains.

In the majority of the cases, the carpet designs for boats are usually the symbols and colors of the marine style. The most used hues are blue and white, with designs featuring rudders, anchors, and marine environments. The ones who prefer a more subtle design may opt for geometric pattern carpets with geometric patterns, which seem to replicate the waves. The rugs that are inspired by wooden plank designs are traditionally used to cover the floor interiors of the yacht.

Final Thoughts

Designing a custom rug for your yacht allows you to customize the dimensions of the rug as much as possible. Whether you choose to cover the entire floor of the yacht with the rug or only certain parts of it is totally your call. However, when furnishing yachts, one must remember that more than often, irregular shapes of rugs are required to adapt to the shape of the boat. Irrespective of the choice you make, it is imperative to understand the importance and uniqueness of a custom luxury yacht rug.

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