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Hotel room Rug
Hotel room Rug

Hospitality industry stands synonymous with offering unique experiences and a service worth remembering. We believe dressing up floors is just as important as dressing up walls. Whether your carpet selection is for a hotel, yacht, villa, resort, penthouse, restaurant, they are all customer experience driven, so why not make it flawless and unique? It can be intimidating to pick out the right carpet for your project, so here’s providing all the necessary information.

Hospitality Carpets vs. Hard Flooring

Lobby rug manufacturers
Lobby rug manufacturers

The objective of hospitality carpets is to create a comfortable yet unique ambience that caters to the sound creation that is unavoidable in the hospitality industry. Irrespective of the category of hospitality venture you belong to, carpets allow you to navigate through all the possible designs, textures, and styles to bring out the space.

However, various flooring options, like hardwood, tiles, or polished concrete, all have their place, but in general, these lack the diversity in design, style, and texture that the hospitality carpets offer. Once installed appropriately and maintained properly, the beauty of a hospitality carpet has no bounds.

Benefits of Hospitality Carpets

Greater Durability: While durability is often considered a con in terms of how long the carpets last, it is no longer the case. A well dimensioned, high-quality carpet with proper care and maintenance can last you up to 10 years. To ensure the longevity of the carpets, ensure buying from manufacturers that adhere to the international standards, and have their carpets tested and certified. For maintenance, you need to vacuum the carpet occasionally!

Style Diversity: Hospitality carpeting offers unparalleled design versatility. With innumerable color options, designs, textures, patterns, the options are unlimited. Nowadays, the majority of carpet manufacturers offer customization as per your requirement, style, and need. Global Floor Furnishers offers the same. Your involvement in the selection and customization of the carpet can have a great impact on creating the experience you desire for your customers. Today, time and cost-effectiveness set no limits, as technology has taken over the process, meaning faster production at a lower cost. Your imagination is the limit!

Reduces noise levels: Have you been to a hotel or a restaurant and wondered how is it so quiet with so many people around? We have the answer for you; it is due to the good quality carpet they have placed. Yes, carpets can absorb sound! On the contrary, hard surfaces, such as tiles reflect the sound. We also have special hospitality carpets with acoustic backing that further dampen the noise.

Temperature Regulator: The fibers in carpets turn natural thermal insulators, making the carpet feel warmer; however, it does not actually draw warmth from the feet as quickly. Thus, making hospitality carpets energy efficient.

Hand-Tufted, Woven, or Knotted Carpet?

Rug for a bedroom
Rug for a bedroom

Hand-Tufted carpets: Tufted carpets take the cake when it comes to market capture. They have a lower price point and fast production time. Tufted carpets come in various designs.

Woven carpets: Woven carpets are not very popular now as machinery and synthetic materials have taken over the market. However, their durability, quality, and the use of natural materials keep them up in the game and are a preferred choice when it comes to high-end hospitality carpets.

Knotted carpets: Knotted carpets are being used for very high end area like presidential suite, kings room etc, as they are one of the fine quality and are expensive when you compare with hand tufted or hand woven.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet vs. Rugs

Now that you are sorted with your colors, patterns, textures, and designing bit, the crucial part comes! The decision to go for rugs or wall-to-wall carpet is hard but imperative! Wall-to-wall carpet is the preferred choice in the hospitality industry due to its sheer ability to add opulence and elegance at the same time. They add a sense of comfort and are great for huge spaces. Also, if large patterns are your style, then a wall-to-wall carpet is the right option to go for! Rugs are for bedroom, guest room, lounge, entrance etc.

When you don’t wish to see the floor you use wall to wall carpet, but when you need center pc you need a rug. In many cases on wall to wall carpets rugs are also being placed.

Bottom Line

While there is n number of options available in the market, it is best to take a decision on the kind of project you are building and the experience you are determined to provide. However, durability and resistance should be the key factors when making a choice.

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