What are Contemporary Rugs, its Colors, and Meanings?

What are Contemporary Rugs

Each one of us wants to color in our life. Bright colors represent our personality, character, and way of thinking. Color also plays a crucial role in the selection of any rug. Each color has a symbolic meaning which stimulates different emotions. For e.g.:

  1. The red color is traditionally associated with love and is also the symbol of heat, energy, power, strength, and passion. It also denotes security. This color rug showing a daring perspective.
  2. Orange color conveys positive feelings, serenity, and optimism. This color rug at your home also spreads a welcoming message to the guests.
    Contemporary area rug in different colours
    A contemporary area rug in different colors


  3. Yellow symbolizes happiness, vitality, and optimism. So if you have this color rug, it will illuminate the environment.
  4. The shades of blue are relaxing as they communicate a sense of peace and tranquility. These are also a symbol of elegance. Choosing light blue or blue contemporary rugs will create totally elegant and zen spaces.
    Contemporary wool area rug in blue
    A contemporary wool area rug in blue


  5. White reflects purity and simplicity. For a minimal design, the contemporary rugs of these tones go perfectly.
  6. The colors of grey and black help in giving an extra tone to the furniture.

    hand tufted rug in contemporary design grey black
    hand-tufted rug in contemporary design grey black

All of these color combinations can be found in this unique type of carpet known as the contemporary rug. The consumer can select any one color or combination he wants. These types of rugs may help you to match your tapestry with the shades of your wall and furniture and may give an outstanding display.

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