Custom Wool and Silk Rugs

Custom Wool and Silk Rugs

Custom Wool and silk rugs made in India
Custom Wool and silk rugs made in India

Interior decoration is a beautiful experience. However, the trickiest business comes when we have to choose rugs or carpets for a landscape surrounded by walls. Depending on the taste and theme we go from warm to plain, vibrant to subtle, traditional to modern rugs.

The material of the rug varies with the theme. The weaving pattern can be hand-loomed, hand-knotted, or hand-tufted. Since we all need a beautiful piece of rug adorning our home or business office, let’s ascertain few pointers to consider while deciding on custom wool and silk rugs.

Cost of Custom wool and silk Rugs:

When we talk about handmade rugs customization can be in various forms. We can choose a hand-tufted rug to a hand-knotted rug or hand woven depending on our style and taste. The cost varies with the material and handwork we end up choosing.

Wool Rugs: Wool rugs are cheaper than real silk rugs, but more or less equal to viscose, bamboo silk or faux silk.

Custom wool rugs
best custom wool rug

Silk Rugs: Silk Rugs are expensive than Wool rugs. This strong natural fiber costs more and requires more knots than wool to finish a standard size rug.

best custom silk rugs
Custom silk rugs

The durability of Custom Wool Silk rugs:

Wool Rugs:

Custom-made Wool rugs are highly durable. They can last years in the case of hand-knotted ones. The important aspect is that tt requires cleaning at least after every six months. The best part is they are immune to dust, termites, and are also flame retardant.

Silk Rugs:

Custom-made silk rugs can make your room sparklingly luxurious. This strong natural fiber has a natural sheen. However, with sheen comes the delicacy and its susceptibility to fire and dust. They are high on maintenance but make the area stunning wherever they are installed. Keep it in the areas where you have fewer footstep. They can be highly durable when mixed with wool.

Advice for the care taking of custom wool and silk Rugs:

Wool Rugs:

Clean your custom wool rugs at least once a month. You can vacuum it, steam clean it, and or shake it and put it under the sun after dry home clean or normal water clean. Whatever process you choose ensure that you do not overdo it, the rug or carpet you ordered will lose its strength and may start coming out which will spoil the rug. In the case of hand-tufted rugs do not wash them.

Silk Rugs:

Custom-made silk rugs are high on maintenance. You can clean them every month or two but ensure that you use professional help, if not then try being gentle on this beautiful stunning natural fiber rug. Do not vacuum. If you do, then use the brushless vacuum. When we say viscose silk or bamboo, do not wash the same, as this will spoil the rug.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Which one is a better option: custom wool rug or custom silk rug?

Consider your budget and durability you are aiming for, the basis that you can choose either. Custom wool rugs are cheaper and are highly durable while custom silk rugs are expensive and delicate but can make your space luxurious, but the best part is that if you need faux silk, viscose there is not much difference between wool and silk.

I am buying a rug for the first time. Which one should I choose: wool or silk?

If you are buying it for the first time we advise you to go for a custom wool rug for its high durability and low maintenance.

Where can I put my custom silk rug for low maintenance?

If you want to cut the cost of maintenance for a custom silk rug keep it in an area that is closed, dust-free and the number of footfalls is minimum.

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