Wild silk vegetable silk rugs for high class projects

Wild silk rugs for high-class projects

When we take the term wild silk rugs, what does that mean? Is this something different from other forms of silk?

wild silk rug close view
Wild silk rug

We have done some big projects using wild silk, vegetable silk, and bamboo silk, in past. It was very very tough to get wild silk yarn, but at last, we managed and finished a very prestigious project recently.

 Is there any difference between banana silk, vegetable silk, and wild silk?


 Are these have a dull look or bright?

 Yes one can have both looks, the look and feel changes with the dullness and brightness

Do these are soft or silk feel touch?

If these wild silk rugs have a high shine, then yes, normally these look dull with an antique look which looks very high.

 Can we have a plush pile in these types of rugs?

 Yes, we can have thickness like 15mm or more even.

 Are custom colors possible in wild silk rugs?

 Normally the spinning of these yarn is very different and done in bulk in order to avoid wastage, but under special cases, we can manage for custom order quantity.

 Can we make any size?


We cannot share images here as the project was done for these high-class wild silk rugs was very confidential.

For your requirements or more details about wild silk, vegetable or bamboo, and other rugs, you may please contact us at info@surekasgroup.com or what’s ap at +91-9839141651

The above are few things that came to our mind while doing the projects, these are totally my personal view and observation.

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