Different types of handmade rugs in India

Handmade Rugs – Tufted, Knotted, Woven

Handmade carpets in India
handmade carpet in India

India is known for its rich culture and tradition all over the world. With so many diverse cultures residing close to one another effortlessly highlights their creativity. Thereupon, bringing out the uniqueness of Indian craftsmen. With rapid changes happening around the globe, preserving such ethnicity becomes necessary. Consequently, a search for this creativity ends at traditional handmade arts. One such piece of art carpets.

Today, India is the world’s largest producer and exporter of hand-made carpets in terms of value as well as volume. Rugs made in India are one of a kind with unique colored patterns and designs. Another reason for the fame of rugs made in India is their strength and durability and have some states as major production houses of carpets.

Rugs made in India are contemporary, modern, traditional, abstract, and such other patterns which give great look to millions of homes all over the world. Indian carpets have an outstanding demand in the international market. Indian artists have always woven each carpet with exotic colors and designs markedly giving an aesthetic touch to Indian carpets. Undoubtedly, rugs made in India are precious and luxurious.


Contemporary & modern rug Design Rug
Contemporary & modern rug Design Rug


Traditional design hand-knotted rugs
Traditional Design hand-knotted rug


Basically, rugs made in India are of three types hand-knotted carpet, hand-tufted carpet, and flat-woven Dhurrie. There exist a vast variety of handmade exotic carpets in India in different types of designs, colors, size, and style. Since handmade rugs are a long-lasting product they never go out of trends. Again, rugs add warmth, comfort, and grandeur to your floor along with safety. These handmade rugs come in different shapes and sizes so you can easily find the right one that fits the various dimensions of your rooms. If you have some odd size we can make the same for you.

hand-knotted rug weaving of a custom rug
hand-knotted rug-weaving of a custom rug


hand-tufted rug weaving
hand-tufted rug weaving


hand woven rug weaving
handwoven rug weaving

It is very important to know that the carpets act as a good absorber of sound, reducing the noise in your home. Likewise, rugs and carpets are also proven beneficial for allergy sufferers as it traps and contains allergens, keeping air cleaner. Still, wondering about its friends? Just go for it, rugs made in India are worth it.

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