Rugs made in Mohair Yarn

When we talk for the luxury rugs Mohair yarn plays a very vital role in addition to bamboo silk.

Newzealand wool is always considered to be the best but just like silk mohair feel very smooth to touch and is highly warm.

What is a mohair yarn :

Unlike sheep mohair yarn is obtained from Angora Goats, These yarn are having high length fibers and are very smooth feel and touch. Don’t confuse yourself mohair with angora wool as Angora wool comes from Angora Rabbits.

What are mohair rugs :

As the name suggests these are rugs made with mohair yarn. There are different combination of rugs made with mohair. One is rug made all in mohair yarn, other is case where to make more luxurious bamboo silk is being used in the motifs.

Custom Mohair Yarn Rugs:

Mohair yarn rugs are expensive than other styles of rugs due to its extra softness and feel. Being a manufacturer of Mohair Rugs we can even customised the rugs as known as Bespoke or Made to order rugs in any design, colour and sizes.

Pattern :

These are mostly made in hand-knotted pattern, but are also being made in hand-tufted  and hand woven. The thickness of these styles can be upto 20mm or more as per the high end demand.

Contact the Mohair area rug manufacturers if you are looking for any more details/information before you decide to get your rug made.

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