Best custom made wool and silk rugs

Best Quality Custom Wool & Silk Rugs manufacturers in dubai

custom wool and silk rugs
custom wool and silk rugs


Are you searching for The Best Custom wool and silk rugs in dubai, qatar or other part of the world?

Your search for the best custom wool and silk rug ends here with us. For you are now going to explore the numerous possibilities of bringing your imagination and creativity alive with us and achieve the ultimate.

They say “Never throw anything good away-real wool and pure silk”, and as much as one would propose to disagree with the above stated, I refuse to actually believe one can. It’s a universally acknowledged fact nothing beats the pure and real wool and silk’s qualities as a raw material in the textile industry.

From handmade to machine-made, wool and silk have over the years successfully satisfied in bringing human’s beautiful creation from imagination to reality. Especially, when we consider its role in the carpet industry. You are bound to find the top-notch quality of carpet when made with wool or silk or the fusion of both. Yes, you read that right, your choice isn’t just limited to either of these but also the blends. In accordance with your environment, interior, comfort, and needs you always have an option of switching between these.

Know more about wool and silk rugs

To quench your thirst, we present to you the best custom made wool and silk rug here. With numerous articles caught in the net, you might be aware of the benefits of wool carpets and likewise silk carpets; if not so we find pleasure to enlighten you. Real wool and silk being one the finest biodegradable natural raw materials on Earth spared your family’s and your health from the rising ill effects of synthetic materials that range from a common allergy to severe skin and lung inflammation, itching, rashes, and a lot more. Furthermore, wool’s sustainability and affordability make it customer-friendly.

Wool carpets and rugs :

Wool carpets have a comparatively long lifespan and are even resistant to dust particles, which I might say make it a wonderful choice for homes with higher traffic or those located in the urban and suburban. For it traps the dust particles and leaves a cleaner air to breathe inside your homes or offices. The wool yarns don’t break easily and are quite flexible and stretchable, that just adds to its beauty, doesn’t it? Well, even though talking about the pure silk feels like narrating the same old story since carpet enthusiasts are thoroughly aware of its charm.

Silk carpets and rugs :

Nevertheless, “not all that glitter is gold” and hence the newcomers need to learn before they fall into the traps blinded by the glitters. Dear customers even though the versatility of silk is world-wide known, you need to know certain facts thoroughly.  A silk carpet undoubtedly gives you the best texture and appearance, with its luscious abundant palettes and smooth and shining touch. With royal textile materials at your fingertips, you are bound to fall in love with its encaptivating charms. In terms of flexibility, strength, longevity, fire, and stain resistance, silk passes the critics’ evaluation with flying colors.

However, silk carpets are expensive making them inaccessible to the masses. Additionally, there are many fraudsters out there who will try to scam you with fake silk at high prices. And for this very purpose, our team is working day and night to make silk accessible to you at justified prices without tampering with its innate qualities.

Blend of wool and silk carpets and rugs

Although wool and silk carpets both are great choices what if I told you, there exists a better option out there? Wondering what that is? Well, carpet lovers, it’s the fusion of wool and silk as discussed above. Silk though is amazing material you cannot make a carpet out of pure silk for they lack several qualities such as early wearing and tearing out. Hence, silk is often blended with wool to minimize loss and produce the best wool and silk carpet. Think of it as picking up two enriched fruits from different baskets rather than just one and blending them to make the perfect mixture.

custom wool and silk rugs
custom wool and silk rugs

Wool and silk rugs are capable of capturing your attention at one glance, with a vast variety of colors, design, shapes, texture one could only imagine the abundant options available. But, what if you don’t come across ‘The One for You’ carpet? It happens a lot of times, where a customer fails to find the carpet of his choice and gives up. Fortunately, you don’t need to go through such stress with us, since apart from already manufactured carpet we also let our customers, design their own unique rug accompanied by our team at every step. Dubai, qatar are the markets where if you need any silk or wool rugs manufacturers you can advise with your interest.

Types of wool and silk rugs

These can be made in hand-tufted pattern, hand-knotted, or hand-woven depending on your budget and time limitation.

We present to you, the best custom wool and silk carpets, from traditional to modern, bright to pale, large to small, round to rectangular you name it, and we present it. You can visit our other articles explaining the process of customization in detail to help you further. We strongly believe in manufacturing carpets that not only fulfill your need but also your taste. Hence this is your chance to get hold of the best custom wool and silk carpet at your doorsteps.

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