Botanical silk handmade rugs & carpets

Are you looking for custom rugs to be made in Botanical silk yarn? 

We have 2 different categories of Custom rugs in Botanical silk :

  1. 100% Botanical silk
  2. Blended Botanical silk with wool
Botanical silk rugs
Botanical silk rugs manufacturers in india

If you wish to have high lusture with very soft feel, you can move with option 1 mentioned above, but if for any reason you wish to have softness but not high lusture, you can move with option 2.

We are The Rug Company in India and can offer the rugs made in Botanical silk in hand-tufted, hand-knotted and hand woven pattern. These high class rugs are being in high demand from last few years, being a different feel, look and lusture.

Contact with your colours, sizes and designs at or whats ap at 0091-9839141651

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