Hallway Runner Rugs

Confused with Hallway Runner Rug?                       

Hallway runner rug
Hallway runner rug


A Hallway is a corridor connecting rooms, and adding runner rugs to this corridor is a great way to bring a sense of connection between them. This versatile décor piece is a great way to set the mood for the entire house and brighten dull spaces. We often question ourselves whether or not we should add character to our hallway? Should we dress it up or keep it simple? Here are the answers to all your queries.

What is a Runner Rug?

Runners are primarily rectangular rugs. They get their name from the kind of length they have. The runner rugs come in a various lengths; hence, the most extended galleries can be covered with these. Runner Rugs are the perfect way to fill up narrow spaces and create an illusion of long passages. These are available in various natural materials in hand-knotted and flatweave like cotton, silk, wool, and jute.

Planning to buy a Runner Rug? Here is what you need to remember

Places like hallways are predominantly high-traffic areas of the house. Hence, buying a good quality handmade rug is always suggested, and a hand knotted rug is the most durable and of the highest quality for such areas. It is best suited for hallways/galleries, foyers, and entryways. One can also use hand-tufted or handwoven rugs at such areas.

Tips for buying Runner Rugs for hallways

Here are a few things to ensure prior to purchasing for a hallway runner rug:


Just like any other rugs, runner rugs should also be of the perfect size for your hallway. While the runner rug should always be in coordination with your hallway, determining its width and length is crucial. The standard runner rug size is anywhere between 2 and 3 feet wide and 6 to 14 feet long. However, when measuring the space, ensure you leave 4 to 5 inches on all sides for the flooring to be visible; else, it will curl on the sides of the wall.

hallway runner rug in wool
hallway runner rug in wool


Choosing the right material for your hallway runner rug is extremely crucial as it will mostly be exposed to dust and foot traffic. A rectangular woollen rug is most durable and best suited for busy homes with kids and pets. Wool is always considered as one of the best yarn in terms of durability and longevity and retains its natural form and makes for one of the most durable natural fiber rugs in the market.

Style and Color

Traditional runner, Modern runner, or a Transitional runner rug, there are a variety of styles to pick from. It is imperative to keep the aesthetic of the house in mind before choosing a runner rug for the hallway, as it is supposed to add character to the existing elements. To add to the visual appeal, one can consider layering of rugs in the hallway. Since the runner rug can instantly pick up your whole setup, it is only justified to choose the right color that blends everything together.

Texture of hallway runner rug
Texture of hallway runner rug

Understanding Textures

Like any other rug, while choosing a runner rug it is important to understand the textures and their durability. This enables you to make an informed decision as per your requirement. We suggest to use the colour which should not look dirty in due course of time as hallway runner rug is something which will be used on regular basis in terms of foot traffic.


Custom size Hallway Runner Rug

The best part with us is that we being a rug factory in India can customize any hallway runner rug in your size, design, colour, material. So why to compromise and have a best your customise unique runner rug for your hallway.

A runner rug can add the perfect finishing touch to a space like a hallway. It is an ideal solution for lifting up a space with a dash of color and element. However, no one size fits all, and one must ensure getting the right size and texture as per needs. Finding the right size may require a little effort, but it will be so worth it once you get the perfect rug.

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