Wool hand-tufted area rug

Wool hand-tufted area rug

Handmade rugs are like works of art crafted by artisans who have practiced the art form for generations and passed it down through centuries. While looking for a perfect handmade area rug for your home, there are various weaving techniques that you will come across, such as hand-tufted, hand-knotted and handwoven. While these all are handmade, their production, feel, and longevity processes widely differ. We are the rug company in India having our own factory making all types of hand-tufted area rugs.

Wool hand-tufted area rug
wool hand tufted area rug

What is a hand-tufted rug?

Hand tufting is a relatively a technique that combines the ancient weaving craft with modern day technology. Hand-tufting is a technique that begins with the weaver working on canvas sheets or any other material and then pulling the wool strands using a tufting tool, mostly a gun. It is usually a lesser complex technique than hand-knotting of the carpet, where you have to tie each knots. The scrim on the reverse is the easiest way to identify hand-tufted rugs.

the rug company hand tufted rugs
the rug company hand tufted rugs

What is the difference between a hand-tufted and hand-knotted rug?

A hand-tufted rug is a much higher-quality rug than one made by a machine; however, it is less durable and valuable than hand-knotted rugs. The two categories are very similar in terms of being created by a weaver and not machine-made. They are often mistaken for one another as they are mostly made of wool and can endure up to 20 years, depending on the manufacturer and techniques used. The patterns on hand-tufted rugs can be carved using a tufting gun. A hand-tufted rug can have all the beautiful geometric, paisley, striped, or flowered patterns, almost everything you see on a hand-knotted or machine-made rug.

How are Hand-tufted Rugs Made?

The artisans create a hand-tufted rug by placing lengths of wool or other yarns on a frame and punching them with a tufting tool. It is a less time-consuming job than hand-knotting and can be done under minimal supervision and training.

The process initiates when the weaver makes a backing with the design. The textile worker uses the tufting gun to inject yarn or wool into it. After all the yarn has been injected into the pattern, then the scrim is placed on the rug with latex glue so that the fibers stay intact. Then the weaver shears the carpet pile to flatten the rug and make it suitable for foot traffic, they sheer depending on the thickness one needs. The edges of certain hand-tufted rugs are sure to make them stronger. The back of the rug helps determine if the rug is hand-tufted, as you’ll witness a coating that secures the tufts covered by canvas or other materials.

Where can you place the hand-tufted rugs?

The hand-tufted rugs look great placed on hardwood floors to accentuate the area. While decorating, remember that the hand-tufted rugs can be placed under the chairs, sofas, or dining table, living room, meeting room, chairman office, guest rooms, suits etc.  Always be aware of the area where you will be placing the rug, whether it is high traffic or low traffic because that is a strong determining factor in the life span of your rug.

wool hand tufted area rug
wool hand tufted area rug

A small fluffy tufted rug looks great in bedrooms and vanity, while large tufted rugs are great for bigger areas, such as drawing-rooms, living rooms, or even industrial-looking spaces. A busy hallway will drastically shorten the lifespan of the rug in comparison with a rug in the drawing-room, as there will be a difference in foot traffic. However, there are no rules for where to place a tufted rug, but more the exposure to footsteps and spills, the sooner the rug endures.

How to take care of your hand-tufted rug?

To get rid of all the dust, one must vacuum the hand-tufted rug at least once a week. To eliminate excess fiber from the rug, ensure running a vacuum daily or until the extra fiber is removed. Rotate the rug often to regulate the amount of sun exposure and foot traffic it receives.

Do not shake or beat the hand-tufted rug as it might damage the fibers. In case of stains, use a cloth dipped in lukewarm water to get rid of them. Refrain from using excess water, as it might loosen the glue that secures the yarn. Once the glue and the piles deteriorate, the rug may begin shedding. To avoid shedding, lightly vacuum, and move it to a low traffic area for some time.

care and cleaning of tibetan wool rug
care and cleaning of hand-tufted wool rug

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