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The rug company in India
The rug company in India

With so many different choices for area rugs, it can be difficult to find one that meets all of your needs. It’s not just about style; there are important factors to consider when shopping for an area rug. You need to think about the type of space you want to place it in and the kind of flooring underneath. Are there pets in your home? Do you have kids or roommates that might stain the rug? Is moisture a concern? Each of these factors will determine which kind of area rug is perfect for your home. They’re also what makes this decision so difficult! There are so many options out there and each of them has their own pros and cons. Keeping reading to see our top tips on where you can find the best area rugs for your home!

Selecting the Right Material

The material an area rug is made from will determine a lot about how it looks and functions in your home. There are a few categories of materials: natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and blends of both. Natural fibers – These include materials like wool, silk, cotton, and hemp. Natural fibers are great for people who are looking for a more eco-friendly choice. They’re easy to clean and can last a very long time with proper care. One downside of natural fibers is that they’re not as stain-resistant as synthetic fibers. Natural fibers are great for people with allergies because they’re less likely to trigger them. Natural fibers also tend to be more expensive than synthetic fibers, but they can be worth the cost if you have kids or pets who might stain the rug. Synthetic fibers – These are manmade materials like viscose, polyester, and nylon. Synthetic fibers are less expensive than natural fibers and tend to be more stain- and moisture-resistant. They’re great for high-traffic areas because they’re easier to clean! Even though natural fibers are good for allergy sufferers, synthetic fibers are often better.

Finding a Right Supplier

The quality of your new area rug is the most important thing to consider when you are looking for one. Finding a reputable seller is the best way to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product. You can check with the good manufacturers for your Customised Rugs requirements, as they can offer you direct Factory prices and can make as per your demand. We at Global Floor Furnishers, are the Rug company making all different types of rugs in India, and ship worldwide.

The Importance of Shape and Size

When deciding on the shape of your rug, think about the general feel you want your room to have. For example, an oval rug is great for seating areas, while a rectangular rug is perfect for placing under your couch! As for the size of the rug, you want to make sure it’s large enough to fill the space but not so large that it overpowers the rest of the room. This will depend a lot on the rest of your furniture. If you want to keep your area rug in a specific part of the room, there are also shapes like ovals that are more narrow. The size of your rug will also depend on the type of flooring under it. For example, if you have wood or tile flooring, a large rug that goes over the edges will make the floor feel more cluttered. A smaller rug will make the space feel more spacious and balanced.

Take Care of Your Area Rug

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people don’t take care of their rugs properly! If you want your rug to last as long as possible, you need to do a few things to keep it clean and in good condition. Here are a few tips for taking care of your new area rug: – Sweeping, vacuuming, and brushing your rug regularly will help keep it clean and extend its life. – Spot clean your rug regularly with a mild detergent. Avoid using too much water as this can stain the rug. – Protect your rug with a rug pad. This will keep it in place, help it last longer, and protect your flooring from damaging scuffs and scratches.

Hand-knotted Rugs or Hand-tufted rugs

Hand-knotted area rug
Hand-knotted area rug


hand-tufted area rug
hand-tufted area rug

Hand-knotted rugs are one of the oldest types of rug-making techniques out there. They’re carefully crafted by hand and can take anywhere from three to eight months to complete! They’re also one of the most expensive types of rugs available. If you’re looking for an extremely luxurious and long-lasting area rug, this is the one for you! These rugs are usually made with a wool blend and can be very durable with proper care. They also come in a variety of different designs and color schemes. Hand-knotted rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas and will only become more beautiful and unique with age! They’re not recommended for areas that are susceptible to moisture though. Hand-tufted rugs are also handmade rugs but faster production and cheap in prices as compared to hand-knotted rugs.

Handwoven Rugs

Handwoven rug
Handwoven rug

Handwoven rugs are some of the most unique and interesting rugs you’ll find out there. They come in a variety of different styles and colors so there’s sure to be one that fits any space! Handwoven rugs are made with a blend of natural fibers like cotton and jute. They’re perfect for high-traffic areas and are easy to clean. The only downside to these rugs is that they don’t last as long as other types of rugs. With regular cleaning and maintenance, however, your handwoven rug can last for several years!

Concluding Thoughts

Choosing the right rug for your home can be a daunting task, but it’s a worthwhile investment. An area rug will not only add some color and style to your space, but it will also protect your floor from everyday wear and tear! There are plenty of places to find the best area rugs for your home, but remember that not all rugs are created equal. Before purchasing a rug, make sure it’s made from a high-quality material that will last.

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