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Are you looking for The Rug Company near to your place in dubai?

the rug company hand tufted rugs
the rug company near me hand-tufted rugs

You have landed to right place to have your search finding end. Lets first discuss about some details to make you clear as to what type you should go with.

Rug much like fashion has become a style statement. The rug company you choose, the texture you go for, the handcrafted style and design you prefer, all of it in synergy makes a style statement, which not only radiates your persona, heals your vision, and satiates your need for luxury but also makes a statement in the eyes of others for what you stand for.

Personal Style Statement

With various options available from standard rugs, customized and personalized rugs to handcrafted and printed versions; it becomes crucial as to where you shop for your rugs from, esp. when you love owning handcrafted rugs. In the 21st century, there is no dearth of options for buying rugs but when you want to make your own style statement you do not want anything less but the rug company who can understand your requirements, needs, style; envision it in their product and make it for your which at the foundational level exude your own energy as if you were the creator of your rug.. Such bearing of art when transferred in the rug is only when you can satiate your hunger for a personal style statement.

Story and history of rug making

When you buy a hand-crafted rug of your choice you only see the end result but the hard labor which goes into its making to create your piece of style statement is, intricate and takes a lot of time. A rug company like us has been in the market for years ensures that the work is done efficiently. Our weavers and artisans are handpicked for their timeless techniques, which they have been excelling for 50+years.

It takes 40+ days for us to finish the product, whichever handcrafted style you choose. Handwoven and hand-tufted style takes around 45 days to finish while hand-knotted takes anywhere between 60 to 90 days. The time-honored technique of our artisans dates back to the 13th century which enables us to create rugs that last generations to come. This timeless art of rug is gifted from one generation to another as an heirloom.

Reverence for rug making

It is crucial for the rug company to source the material from an authentic place. The material we choose for your handcrafted rug is sourced from exotic locations in different parts of India and across the globe. The synergy of our craft and nature brings life to our rugs. Our extraordinary artisans ensure that the raw material from different parts of the globe is handled in a way that it doesn’t lose its property of shine, delicacy, strength, smoothness, and texture. Rug making is an art and our artisans including us are extremely proud of our art. The reverence which we including our artisans have is reflected from the process of selection of raw material to spinning, weaving, and dying.

You Dream, We fulfill

Rug selection is not a mundane run-of-the-mill job. It is a process of a personal journey, which takes time and patience. We the rug company of India ensure that your journey is worth it, from understanding your needs, requirements, style, design to consulting you at every step, working on your brief to create a rug, which you have always envisioned and dreamed of.

So by now you are clear about the Rugs you need to buy and from whom to buy…right? We are The Rug Company near to you? No matter where you live, which part of the world we will make door delivery to your place. You may always contact us at or whats ap at +91-9839141651 for more.