What is a Natural Abaca rug?

Custom Natural Abaca Rugs

Natural Abaca Rug
Natural Abaca Rug

Abaca is handwoven from the fibers of the tree-like banana tree leaves, Abaca fiber is a strong, versatile fiber. Since it needs no spinning and has strong, lightweight inner fibers

• Handmade Handwoven of 100% abaca fiber, in India
• Due to the natural yarn derived from a natural source, and different weaving techniques, size, and color may vary to some extent
• We weave of this Rug is 2.5cm or say 1” thick for extra cushioning.
• Rotate your rug every 3-6 months to prevent excessive wear and sun exposure in one area.
• For best results, vacuum regularly on a low setting without the rotating beater brush. The bristled brush digs into the fibers and may damage your rug.
• Please make a very important note that Does not pull on loose ends. Either tuck back or snip with scissors and knot ends.
• If you wish to get this rug cleaned, Professional cleaning is recommended.

Abaca Rug large size
Abaca Rug Large size

We customize the abaca rugs into any size and color. Email us at info@surekasgroup.com or whats ap at +91-9839141651 for more details.

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