indian Manufacturers and Exporters of handmade carpets, rugs and other floor coverings

Manufacturing Facility and Packing for Custom Rugs and Custom Carpets

We have manufacturing facilities in India for making any kind of rugs and carpets in any sizes. May be you need to get the manufacturing of handtufted custom rugs, handknotted custom rugs, flat woven dhurry, bespoke rugs, bespoke carpets or anything in floor coverings, you name it and we will make it.

Picture Of Manufacturing

Packing of rugs and carpets, also plays important role.

Global Floor Furnishers is a leading Bespoke Rugs manufacturer and supplier in India. The Bespoke rugs and bespoke carpets are consumer's inclination rug. These rugs and carpets are manufactured according to customer's requirement. It means that the size, design and colors of rugs and carpets are chosen by the customer. The bespoke rug and bespoke carpet is personalized according to the customer prerequisite.

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